Nurse Staffing: Is Your Facility Staffed Appropriately?

Nurse Staffing: Is Your Facility Staffed Appropriately?

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Whether you are a 25 bed hospital or a 500 bed hospital, chances are your facility struggles with nurse staffing issues. There seems to always be a shortage of nursing staff and, yet, they are an integral part of patient care. You simply must be staffed appropriately. But, are you?

The American Nurses Association says this when speaking of nurse staffing for a facility,

“Identifying and maintaining the appropriate number and mix of nursing staff is critical to the delivery of quality patient care.”

Let’s consider that for a moment, shall we? Correctly staffing your nursing units is “critical to the delivery of quality patient care.” We all know this, but do we think about it regularly? One of the most important words in that sentence is: “quality.” We realize that our nursing staff is beyond compare among healthcare workers when providing patient care. But we need the quality of patient care to be superb as well. And, if a unit or facility is understaffed, mistakes can happen.

Nurse Staffing: Reduce Your Risk By Staffing Appropriately

The American Nurses Association provides an executive summary entitled, “Optimal Nurse Staffing to Improve Quality of Care and Patient Outcomes: Executive Summary.” In it studies are cited that can reduce your facility’s risk simply by providing the correct number of nursing staff. For example, they list the following:

  • reduced number of medication errors
  • reduced number of falls and pressure ulcers
  • length of stay as well as readmissions also tend to decrease

We all want the best for our patients! But, we need to consider our nursing staff as well. They too will benefit from your facility staffing appropriately.

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Nurse Staffing: Happy Nurses Lead To Happy Patients

When considering your nursing staff and ensuring that you have the correct nurse to patient ratio, take a look at your employee report cards as well. Hopefully, your facility requests feedback from its employees. Take a look at what your nurses are saying. Are they burning out? Do they feel they are receiving the training they need? Do they feel they have the tools necessary to do their job?

Also, take a look at the turnover rate in your nursing department. If it is high, why are they leaving?

Patient care is more complex today than ever. We are living longer, we have better diagnostic tools, and better treatments. But, with that comes a level of knowledge necessary by our healthcare staff like never before. Are you equipping your nursing staff so they are excited to come to work and give the needed care to your patients?
Furthermore, studies have shown that patients who are more involved in their care have better health outcomes and lower healthcare costs. Health-care organizations are now concentrating their efforts on improving patient engagement. Nursing, in particular, has benefited from these new ideas and is constantly looking for newer and better ways to improve patient care. Nursing has begun to develop newer and better methods for delivering information to patients and their families as a result of the use of information technologies and the results of research conducted using these technologies. If you want to learn more about the interactive patient care explained in detail, you should read the articles posted on websites similar to

Nursing Staffing: United Medevac Solutions Can Help!

So, you know that you want to maintain the optimal number of nursing staff for your facility, but you aren’t sure how. United Medevac Solutions can help! All of our nursing providers must complete a comprehensive credentialing process to include: Primary Source Verification, Criminal background, Licensure verification, Employment verification, 10-Panel Drug Screen, Skill level assessment, Specialty certifications, Continuing Education requirements, and an Annual Health screening with verification of all required immunizations.

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