Documents Needed For Employment

Documents Needed For Employment

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Immigration is a word that we are all hearing a lot lately. It is an important issue and there are passionate debaters that want to be heard on both sides of the issue. But, this article is not discussing that issue…exactly. And, we don’t want to start a debate. What we do want to do is look at staffing and remind you what documentation is needed for employment.

Documents Needed For Employment

So, you got the job. Congratulations! You wake up early on your first day, make sure your shirt is nicely pressed, eat a healthy breakfast, and head out to work. But, wait…do you have your necessary documents that human resources is going to require before they show you to your new desk?

Remember, we all must show some proof of identification prior to beginning any new job. Employers are required by the federal government to keep information on workers. So, what do you need to bring with you? The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services has a list of required employment documents listed on their website under “Form I-9 Acceptable Documents.” Please review this list carefully as you may need multiple documents.

Though it does not fall under documentation, you should bring a copy of your monthly internet bills with you because many companies tend to reimburse you for these services. Also, if your company allows you to work from home, you may want to upgrade your plans, similar to Indianapolis internet plans, so that you have the fastest internet speed at home and can work seamlessly at home. That way, you might be reimbursed for any internet plan that you buy after getting into the job.

As an employer, you will want to ensure that you complete the I-9 form, as well as your new employee, and that you receive acceptable forms of documentation. You may need to go through the e-Verify process as well. Again, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services offers helpful information regarding this process on their website as well as a chat option for questions.

Healthcare Employee Documentation

What if you run a healthcare facility? Is it enough that a nurse comes to your human resources department and states that she is a nurse? Does she need to undergo a 10 panel drug test (why not look here for more information)?Should you have her simply fill out her I-9, make copies of her documents, and allow her to begin treating patients?

Beyond the federally mandated paperwork for employment, healthcare workers are held to a higher standard. Hence, employers would not only require a general background check for their healthcare workers by using online tools similar to Checkr (, but also need them to show proof of certifications, credentialing, etc. That is where we can be a great help!

When United Medevac Solutions helps your facility with your healthcare staffing needs, we ensure that our employees have completed a vigorous regimen of verification and credentialing prior to being presented to our clients.

Regarding our physicians and mid-level providers, we use standards set by the Department of Defense. Each candidate e-verification includes:

  • Background inspection
  • Medical Licensure
  • Formal Education with transcripts
  • Formal Residency/Clinical specialty training
  • Board verification
  • DEA license status
  • NPI validity
  • Currency of all additional certifications and continuing medical education requirements

Additionally, UMS gathers reports from:

  • AMA
  • NPDB
  • Clinical performance evaluations
  • Professional references
  • Copy of medical malpractice insurance and full history of all malpractice claims with court summary sheets

While all nursing and ancillary medical providers receive:

  • Primary Source Verification
  • Criminal background
  • Licensure verification
  • Employment verification
  • 10-Panel Drug Screen
  • Skill level assessment
  • Specialty certifications
  • Continuing Education requirements
  • Annual Health screening with verification of all required immunizations

Documents Needed For Employment

As you can see, there are documents required for employment in any industry. But, we at United Medevac Solutions prepare our employees with a comprehensive background and credentialing check before we ever present them to you, our client. So, you can rest assured that when you use UMS for your healthcare staffing needs, we are prepared to meet those needs with competent and qualified healthcare workers.

Please give us a call at (888) 632-5560 or simply click here and we can begin to help you with your healthcare staffing needs.

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