March is National Nutrition Month

March is National Nutrition Month

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Did you know that we have a month dedicated to good nutrition? We do…and it’s this month, March!  Of course, we here at United Medevac Solutions feel that we should eat using good nutrition practices all year round.  After all, we want you to stay healthy!  But, it is a great reminder to have a month (especially right about the time those pesky New Year’s Resolutions have failed) that we focus on good nutrition and health.

Tips For Healthy Eating

We all want to look and feel better – right?  But, none of us want to give up great flavor.  The good news is you don’t have to.  To enjoy good nutrition without sacrificing flavor, you may simply have to change the way you look at food.

1. Try swapping out some foods for more nutritional choices. For example, instead of eating a large bowl of ice cream try this easy recipe.

  • Grab some ripened bananas and cut them into small round slices.
  • Place the slices in a freezer bag and place in your freezer until frozen. (This can also save you money as you won’t throw out over-ripened bananas any longer).
  • When you’re craving some ice cream, grab the bananas and place them in a blender with a splash of milk. (Try almond or coconut milk for a tasty twist).
  • Blend just until smooth.
  • Dig into this tasty treat and you will feel like you are eating an indulgent frozen dessert when, in fact, you are eating fruit.

2. Always read labels.  Just because you think something is healthy doesn’t mean that it is.  Many “healthy” foods are high in salt or contain sugar.  So, be careful and take a look at those labels.

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3. Another great tip is to avoid processed food. We’ve all heard this one many times before and yet it is so hard to do. One way to try and avoid processed foods is to alter the way you use the grocery store.  Consider the way a grocery store is generally arranged.  Produce is usually on a side (near the front door), meat, dairy and eggs are generally along the back wall.  So, if you want to avoid many of the processed foods, try to avoid the middle aisles of the grocery store.  Challenge yourself and see if you can buy your food by only shopping the outer aisles of the store.  If your grocery store is arranged like most, you should end up with a basket full of fresh items.

4. Cut out foods that are white. There are good carbs and bad carbs, good fats and bad fats. We need a healthy, balanced diet.  It can become overwhelming to know what is okay to eat.  But, an easy way to begin to focus on healthy eating is to stop eating anything white.  For example, when eating bread and pastas, make sure they are whole wheat or whole grain.  Avoid potatoes – again, they are a food that is white.  Refrain from eating sugary foods.  (We know that one is hard for all of us. But we all know sugar isn’t helping us any).

More Nutrition Resources

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics has so much to offer all of us on the subject of nutrition.  Their site has great recipes, interesting articles, and even some fun games to play.  We suggest you take a look at all of the great information they have to offer.

Please keep in mind that no diet is perfect for everyone.  When choosing a nutritional plan, we recommend that you speak with your physician before making changes to your diet.  Together, you and your doctor can create a plan that is perfect for you.  These are simply some suggestions to get you thinking about your health and nutrition.

Stay Healthy My Friends!

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