United Medevac Solutions: A Higher Level of Healthcare

United Medevac Solutions: A Higher Level of Healthcare

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This month we thought we would have a little fun while reminding you what we’re all about.  So, instead of our traditional blogs (please make sure and check out all our great topics by clicking here), we turned our name, United Medevac Solutions, into a fun way of helping you understand us just a bit better.  We hope you enjoy it and please contact us soon!


UUnited Medevac Solutions – United Medevac Solutions provides unrivaled specialty health care programs including a full spectrum of healthcare staffing specialties, 911 Emergency ambulance response, worldwide air medical transportation and full data management services.

NNursing – Nursing and Ancillary medical providers must complete a comprehensive credentialing process when working for UMS and prior to being presented to our clients.

IInnovation – UMS drives healthcare innovation by utilizing the latest of medical technology.

TTeam – Our executive team has many years of experience in the healthcare field.  Please take a look and get to know our team members here.

EEasy – Are you interested in a career with UMS?  It’s easy to upload your resume.  Simply click here!

DDedication – UMS has a health care solutions reputation earned through hard work and dedication to the service of those in need.


MMedical Training & Continuing Education – UMS is able to provide monthly educational courses addressing a variety of subjects along with providing required re-currency courses to exceed National Standards.

EExperience – Our years of experience in assisting each healthcare worker and client with their specific needs, sets UMS apart from the others in our industry. We match the right healthcare profession to the right assignment every time.

DDepartment of Defense – UMS has an elite team of professionals with proven past performance in providing physicians, registered nurses, and ancillary staff to the Department of Defense (DoD).  UMS medical staff is fully credentialed and DoD approved.

EEmergency Preparedness & Response – UMS understands the critical components of overall management and responsibility of Emergency Medical Service programs and specializes in the strategic and logistical planning, resource utilization, incident command advisory, multi-agency coordination for both emergency preparedness and disaster management.

VValue – We value our employees.  With a 98% retention rate, competitive salaries, benefits, flexibility of growth in your career, and more…we believe UMS is the place for you.

AA Higher Level of Healthcare – This is not just our motto, it is our standard.

C Consultant Services – Our corporate consulting program provides a variety of unique, yet essential services.

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SSavings – We manage the entire employment process, relieving you from costs related to pre-employment processes such as background investigations, drug screening, physical exam, skill testing and verification of credentials. This allows us to provide you with qualified employees at remarkable savings.

OOur Staff – Our staff takes the time to understand the specific needs of our clients and candidates. Our years of experience in assisting each healthcare worker and client with their specific needs, sets UMS apart from the others in our industry. We match the right health care profession to the right assignment every time.

LLecturers and Guest Speakers – UMS has many lecturers with very diverse backgrounds available to speak on a variety of subjects from Critical Care Medicine to Helicopter Rescue. Call us today at 888.632.5560 for your next conference!

UUnderstanding – We take the time to fully understand what our clients need so that we can match our healthcare workers to each client.  We also take the time to understand what our employees need so that we can retain knowledgeable and satisfied staff.

TTime – It’ time for you to call us at 888.632.5560 or simply click here to get started.

IImagine – Imagine your career taking off with UMS.

OOriginated – How did UMS originate? Would you like to know more about us? Click here to learn more about how UMS got it’s start.

NNetwork – Our extensive and established network of personnel allows us to fulfill your staffing needs in a matter of days, or even hours.

SStaffing – Do you have staffing requirements that require a cost-effective solution customized specifically to meet your needs? Click here to submit your request and see how UMS can provide customized healthcare solutions specifically to meet all your needs.

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We hope you enjoyed getting to know a little bit more of what United Medevac Solutions has to offer.  If you are interested in advancing your healthcare career with us or if we may help you with any of our many staffing solutions, please contact us today at 888.632.5560 or simply click here.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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