National Nurses Week

National Nurses Week

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National Nurses Week

Happy National Nurses Week!  We provide staffing to healthcare facilities when they need it most.  UMS is proud that we take the time to understand the specific needs of our clients and candidates to ensure that we match the right profession to the right assignment every time. This includes nursing.  We want to thank all of our wonderful nursing staff!

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We decided to have a little fun this month and thank our hard-working nurses with a poem honoring all they do for their “not always so patient” patients.  Of course, a career in nursing involves so much and each day is a new adventure.  That is what makes it so exciting!   Generally, nurses know their patients better than anyone and many can spot even the most subtle of changes in a patient’s health.  They are true life savers!

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The field of nursing is extensive.  There are inpatient nurses, home health, flight nurses, specialty nurses, and the list goes on and on.  But, no matter what path a career in nursing may take, there is one aspect that will always ring true: Nurses are the healthcare professionals that patients trust.  They are the professionals who answer the call, listen, read between the lines, and solve the problems.  When a person is at their lowest, there is usually a nurse close by to help them feel better.  And, for that, we say a huge THANK YOU!

A Poem For National Nurses Week

And, so, we give give you our poem entitled, “Who Would Take My Temp?”  We hope you enjoy it.

Who Would Take My Temp?

So I’ve had to have my bad leg fixed,

And I’m lying here in pain,

I wonder where that doctor is,

As I’m sure I’m the only one that’s lame.


I can’t get my pillow right,

And the roast at lunch was bad,

I think I might have a temperature,

But no one cares I’m sad.


There’s no one coming to visit today,

There’s nothing on TV,

If only there was just someone to talk to,

Things would be somewhat relieved.


When suddenly the door opens wide,

And in comes a smiling face,

Asking my every need,

And taking my temp just in case.


It’s that sweet nurse that comes in to see,

If everything is going alright,

She’s there during the day to chat away,

And fluffing my pillow at night.


In all of my stewing about this and that,

I simply forgot what I had,

This sweet one that cares about me,

Is making me feel not so bad.


I then start to wonder through all my dismay,

If there’s no doctors, visitors, or such,

Who would worry about my needs,

When I’m in such a crunch.


I also consider who would do tasks that I need,

Like take my temp and pulse,

It’s the wonderful nurse caring for me,

That brings me out of this fuss.


So whenever I ask if there’s anyone out there,

That’s worrying about this wimp,

There’s a wonderful nurse coming into my room,

Just perfect for taking my temp!


So during this National Nurses Week,

Be sure to consider your friend,

That’s there for you in the hospital,

Whose helping you get on the mend!

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