Summer Tourists: Are You Ready?

Summer Tourists: Are You Ready?

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Summer Tourists: Here They Come

Summer travel is here!  Families are loading their cars and heading to the beach and to our wonderful National Parks.  They are grabbing their plane tickets to jet off to theme parks (and probably hoping the flights aren’t overbooked)!

Speaking of overbooked, is your facility ready for the influx of travelers that could show up in your ER?  You may have the bed size to accommodate a busy travel season, but are you staffed appropriately?  Chances are you may not be.

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Summer Tourists: Is Your Facility Ready?

Let’s consider for a moment that your facility is in a tourist town that, for most of the year, only needs a small number of beds (and thus only needs to be staffed for that small number of beds).  Now let’s consider in our example, that a favorite tourist hangout spot causes a high number of cases of foodborne illness due to improper handling of food and your small bed sized facility is suddenly full. Do you have enough providers, nurses, ancillary service personnel that you can call in to fill all of the necessary shifts?

Let’s consider another scenario – maybe you have the bed size AND the appropriate number of staff to handle such emergencies.  However, is your staff trained to respond quickly in the event that your facility’s occupancy rate goes from 50% to 90% overnight?

Summer Tourists and United Medevac Solutions

At United Medevac Solutions, we help facilities by listening very carefully to their needs and then matching the necessary staff to our client.  We offer a wide range of services (and can help in both scenarios above).

UMS provides pre-employment processes such as background investigations, drug screening, physical exam, skill testing and verification of credentials. So, when your facility needs our staff, we are ready to send extremely qualified healthcare professionals.

United Medevac Solutions is more than a staffing agency, however.  We also provide emergency preparedness and response.  UMS understands the critical components of overall management and responsibility of Emergency Medical Service programs and specialize in the strategic and logistical planning, resource utilization, incident command advisory, multi-agency coordination for both emergency preparedness and disaster management.

We also offer the following services to our clients:

Data Management Services

Medical Training and Continuing Education

Guest Speaker/Lecturer

Consultant Services

  • Medical Legal / Expert Witness Testimony / Exhibit Preparation
  • Comprehensive Market Research / Strategic Planning
  • Medical System Analysis, Design, Implementation and Management
  • Various Medical and Device Development Advisory


So, as we enter this busy travel season, please remember that United Medevac Services can help your healthcare facility succeed.  We will listen to your needs and respond appropriately.

We look forward to hearing from you at 888.632.5560 or simply click here.

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