Holiday Stress

Holiday Stress

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Ready or not…the holidays are upon us! While the holidays are a fun and joyous time for most, many still have a difficult time enjoying the season.

Holiday Stress: Loneliness

There are many reasons that people may feel depressed more than happy during the holidays. A difficult reason for many is loneliness. We think of the holidays as a time to be with friends and family. However, some folks are away from their closest friends and their dear family members during the holidays. Whether they can’t afford a plane ticket home, they are serving and protecting our country in military service abroad, their loved ones have passed on, etc. it is always a difficult time of year for these folks.

Holiday Stress: Debt

Another reason that many people don’t enjoy the holidays is because of all the spending. We are told that we need the latest gadget, noise maker, or shiny object. We rush out on “Black Friday” to buy a lot of stuff the day after we have just given thanks for what we already have. It’s wonderful to give! It’s just not worth going into debt, stressing out over, and making the holidays unenjoyable.

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Holiday Stress: Pure Perfection

Is the tree decorated perfectly? Are your outdoor lights the envy of the neighborhood? Is everyone coming to your perfectly planned holiday party? Holiday stress is often found in the small details of trying to make the holiday season perfect. Spoiler alert – it is almost never perfect. Cookies will burn, the one and only toy that your child wants will be sold out, the cat will break ornaments, etc. The sooner we stop trying to make everything perfect, the sooner we can all relax and enjoy the season. You may want everything in and around your house to be perfect, however, that might not be entirely possible. You may try all you want, but certain things will go out of your hand– you may notice that your eavestrough is leaking or something similar to it. So, instead of being anxious about it or trying to do your best to fix it, just calm down, and perhaps ask for help from someone who knows how to repair it (like the handymen, who are found at

How To Avoid Holiday Stress

So how do we manage these stressors during the holiday season? Is it even possible to manage stress during this time? has some wonderful tips in their article by Bernard S. Little entitled, “Don’t Let Holiday Stress Get You Down.” They cite many of the same stressors that we all feel and offer some solutions. Many are very simple solutions such as, “Balance work, home and play.” This sounds easy, but during the holidays, you may need to make a conscious effort to schedule time for relaxing and fun.

To achieve this easily, however, you can supplement your holidays with a few materials that are said to provide instant relaxation, like some alcoholic beverages or CBD-based products (only if it’s legal where you are holidaying). CBD-based products are comparatively new in the market but are said to help cope with stress and anxiety. Some people also tend to use CBD gummies to achieve quality sleep after a stressful day, so they can make a perfect pair for your holidays as well. If you are interested and want to give it a try, you can explore the varieties available on sites similar to to shortlist the best-suited ones for yourself. Having said that, if you are trying it for the first time, you could make use of various coupons to save a penny or two while purchasing these products. There are quite a lot of dispensaries that offer dispensary deals to attract new customers and you could also make use of the same.

While this can give momentary relief, it is important to discover the root cause of the stress to be able to deal with it. One of the crucial reasons for having holiday stress is because of buying gifts. You have to consider your finances and find gifts accordingly without breaking the bank. That is why it is always a good idea to start planning gifts earlier. For instance, if you want to purchase graduation regalia as holiday gifts for your cousin who is about to graduate, then start researching online stores early. By doing this, you may easily find a store like Jostens that can offer you hefty discounts on the products during holidays. Moreover, you can wishlist those items early and start ordering them as soon as the above-mentioned online store (and its likes) begins its holiday sales.

Anyway, there are many ways to enjoy the season without going into debt, stressing over the details, or being alone. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Give your time and energy by volunteering at a local shelter or a toy drive.
  • Send a note or care package to a soldier who can’t be with family during the holidays.
  • If you aren’t near family, host a pot luck dinner with friends. Specifically invite those who are also away from home during the holidays.

Holiday Stress Can Cause Health Problems

We all know that stress can cause health problems and holiday stress is no different. Don’t let this joyous time of year turn into an unhealthy one. We at United Medevac Solutions care about your health. We hope you have a wonderful & stress-free holiday season!

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