About Us

Our History

Founded in 2005, United Medevac Solutions, Inc. (UMS) is a clinician and woman-owned small business (WOSB) providing unrivaled specialty healthcare programs to the Department of Defense (DoD) and private clients. We provide a higher level of healthcare to our clients through swift ground and air ambulance transport services (i.e., 911 emergent and non-emergent response and transfer services), comprehensive EMS Medical Direction, responsive dispatch services, and full spectrum healthcare staffing nationwide.

Our diverse, experienced team is known for combining the best of healthcare practices with DoD disciplines, resulting in clinical excellence and operational expertise. Our 24/7 command and dispatch center provides direct communications and a new approach to customer service. Our approach to healthcare allows us to respond immediately and execute complex assignments for all our clients.

Our Services

Our Mission

To elevate the standard of emergency medical services and redefine the way healthcare is delivered.

Our Vision

We envision a world where healthcare knows no bounds, where lives are saved without hesitation, and where the hero within us all rises to meet the challenges of medical care. Our mission is to provide a higher level of healthcare through ground and air ambulance transportation, medical staffing solutions, dispatch/communication services, and medical direction for our clients.

Every action we take, every service we provide, and every life we touch is driven by a profound commitment to patient and customer-centered care. We believe that every individual we serve deserves not just medical attention, but unwavering support and a promise of a healthier tomorrow. Our credentialed healthcare providers are the cornerstone of this vision, going above and beyond in every aspect to save lives. We are not just a company; we are a beacon of hope in the face of adversity.

In the pursuit of providing A Higher Level of Healthcare, we are unwavering when facing challenges and find solutions to best serve our patients and clients. Our vision is to continue leading the industry in innovation, quality, and compassion, setting the standard for what is possible in healthcare, providing a comprehensive circle of care.

UMS aspires to be the guiding light in healthcare, where every life we touch becomes a story of survival, resilience, and triumph. Together, we will redefine what it means to save lives, and in doing so, inspire others to reach higher, aspire to greater, and embrace the hero within.

At UMS, we stand ready to make this vision a reality, one life at a time.