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Why work for UMS?

  • UMS offers a dynamic and challenging work place with plenty of opportunity for growth both in the private and government sector. 
  • We are very proud of our positive corporate environment
  • We offer competitive salary (75% – 90% of national averages) as well as great benefits
  • Our 98% retention rate is a testament to the job satisfaction our team-members experience
  • Our multi-state, multi services diversified portfolio allows you the flexibility of growth in your professional career

Pay, Benefits and Culture

UMS embodies a corporate culture where open communications and new innovations are strongly encouraged. This provides great insight and abilities from our team-members while providing an environment that embraces diversity to set high standards of performance.

At UMS, we believe that our success is dependent upon our employees that bring unique personal and professional competencies to our corporation. By acquiring, developing, and maintaining superior personnel, we are able to keep that competitive edge that makes UMS a success.

Soar to new heights in your professional career by becoming a part of the UMS team!

Competitive Incentives

  • Nation’s most competitive pay scale
  • Competitive PTO accrual
  • Group Health Insurance
  • Group Dental Insurance
  • Group Vision Insurance
  • Complimentary Continuing Education
  • Multi-state, Multi-services diversified Portfolio

Join Team UMS

Are you driven by your purpose? When you join our team, we will harness your purpose and provide you with the tools to empower you to save lives.