Ground and Air Ambulance Transportation

Fast, Reliable Ambulance Transportation

A clinician-owned and operated ambulance authority that mitigates the risk of delays in moving patients through high-stakes critical care environments. We take pride in delivering exceptional ground and air ambulance transport services with a steadfast commitment to excellence. As a trusted provider for private clients and the Department of Defense (DoD) across military installations in Texas, New Mexico, and Georgia, we have been at the forefront of 911 emergent and non-emergent response and transfer services for over 18 years. Our dedication to patient care, professionalism, and reliability sets us apart from the rest. 


Unwavering Support for our Private Clients and the DoD

UMS proudly stands as the backbone of healthcare support for our private clients and the DoD. Whether it's a 911 emergent response or non-emergent transfer services, our team is always ready to serve with utmost precision and dedication. We also offer a seamless transition when transferring patients between hospitals, nursing homes, and other healthcare facilities. Our patients' well-being is our priority, and we make it our mission to ensure a smooth transfer process that alleviates the burden our private and DoD clients face when coordinating a transfer or discharge.

Highly Trained Medical Personnel

When you choose UMS, you choose excellence in healthcare transports. Every single member of our staff is rigorously vetted and trained to provide Critical Care, Advanced Life Support, and Basic Life Support Transports. This level of training ensures that your loved ones receive the best care, no matter the circumstances.

Comprehensive Fleet of Ground Ambulances

Our fleet of custom-built ambulances is fully equipped and staffed to respond to any call. Be it a life-threatening emergency or a routine transfer, our vehicles are designed to provide the highest level of care and support, all while ensuring the utmost comfort and safety for our patients.

Air Ambulance Transportation

As a former flight nurse, our President/CEO understands that every patient and every situation is unique. That's our team works closely with our clients to offer tailored solutions for safe and efficient fixed and rotary wing air ambulance transport services. Our solutions are designed to accommodate specific needs and medical requirements, guaranteeing a smooth and efficient journey, no matter the circumstances.

Patient-Centered Healthcare

At UMS, we understand that every patient is unique and deserves personalized care. Our team of dedicated professionals is not just experienced but also compassionate. We take pride in offering patient-centered healthcare services that put the individual at the heart of every decision and action.

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