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Why Staffing?

Expertise: As a result of continuous placement of employees, we have the opportunity to constantly evaluate and analyze the ever-changing employment trends and recruitment practices. This, coupled with the fact that UMS is a clinician owned company, gives us insight and expertise in placing the right staff, with the right assignment, every time.

Cost: We manage the entire employment process, relieving you from costs related to pre-employment processes such as background investigations, drug screening, physical exam, skill testing and verification of credentials. This allows us to provide you with qualified employees at remarkable savings.

Network: At UMS, we have strong relationships with team members who have proven to be dependable, reliable and conscientious. Our extensive and established network of personnel allows us to fulfill your staffing needs in a matter of days, or even hours.

Retention: At UMS, we believe in offering our team members with the nation’s most competitive pay-scale, competitive PTO accrual, group health insurance and need-based continuing education courses. As a result, we have a 98% retention rate which in turn allows us to provide you with personnel who boast an average of 10 year institutional knowledge.

Staffing help without the headache


Why United Medevac?

  • UMS is clinician owned and operated.
  • UMS is customer-focused, quick to respond, and highly adaptable to our customers’ needs in an ever-changing environment.
  • We conduct thorough needs analysis in order to customize solutions for our customers.
  • Our processes are streamlined, which results in efficient and cost-saving measures.
  • UMS has an elite team of professionals with proven past performance in providing physicians, registered nurses, and ancillary staff to the Department of Defense (DoD).
  • UMS medical staff is fully credentialed and DoD approved.
  • Our insurance is $1-3 M aggregate.
  • Our low overhead allows us to provide competitive pricing resulting in cost savings to our customers.
  • Our high employee retention rate assures that the average of 10 years of institutional knowledge per employee is not lost.
  • We have a multi-state, multi-services diversified portfolio coupled with global reach.